Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To Daily Five or Not Daily Five

So I've been reading the Daily Five and Cafe books over the last few weeks and would love to implement these ideas into my classroom next year. From all the blogs, proteacher posts, and pinterest pins on the daily five/cafe I truly feel like this would be a wonderful way to teach reading in my class. But I feel a little scared to take the leap because I'm a second year teacher and I've only used the basal. Most of the teachers at my school use the basal. I don't think there is anything wrong with the basal if it works for some people but I have found that I don't particularly like using it. I don't feel like I'm reaching all my students or that I'm being effective. I have talked to several of my team members about this idea and they seem open to trying it. There is only one other teacher that uses it in the school and she loves it. I have been talking about it so much that I am hoping the idea sticks and people will want to try it. From everything I've read it teaches the students to become motivated, independent, and engaged in their reading. When I was in college this was exactly how I pictured my classroom. I love teaching so far and I want to be the best teacher I can be. I want to be effective in my teaching and keep my students wanting to come to class to read and learn. I want my students to be life long learners like I am.  If anyone out there could shed some light with personal experiences/advice I would greatly appreciate it.



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