Monday, January 20, 2014

My Steps Towards Becoming a Book Whisperer!

Over the past year I have made some great changes to my classroom and the ways that I teach. One of the biggest things I am working towards is becoming a Book Whisperer just like Donalyn Miller. I have been trying to get more books for my classroom this year plus read them. Another thing I have recently started to do to get my students interested in the books I have bought is to show them book trailers versus giving a book talk. Below are some of my favorite 4th-6th grade books I have read this year plus their book trailers. I can already see an enormous difference in my students' eagerness to read with these quality books. I think when I have read a book and approve of it the students are more  willing to give the book a chance. If you haven't started becoming a book whisperer I suggest you begin because the only way to show students the importance of reading is by having a good role model like a teacher or parent. By fourth grade some students already hate reading so if you can make a difference in just one student by talking to them about books it could change that child's life!

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Tuesdays at the Castle


A Long Walk to Water

Flora and Ulysses

Among the Hidden

What are some ways you have become a "Book Whisperer" this year?

Any suggestions for me?

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