Thursday, May 10, 2012

Biltmore Field Trip

At the end of April my class went to the Biltmore House! This was a wonderful trip. In the past we had always went to the state capital, Raleigh. We would go to the Legislative Building, Capitol Building, History Museum, and Science Museum. We thought we would try out the Biltmore House this year and it was a great experience. We took a one and a half hour long guided tour of the house itself. The kids loved learning about all the history of each room. This house was very elegant and it was hard to believe that people once lived there. Then we went to the farm for an hour and a half tour. We went around in rotations and saw five different areas of the farm. The students got to churn butter, pet the animals, and watch a blacksmith and wood worker. This was an amazing opportunity for my students. Some of them will never get to go to the house again. I would suggest this field trip for anyone who lives around the area. I had never been to the Biltmore House either and I was just as excited as my students. :)

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