Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Camp Learn A Lot

Hello All! There are 8 more days of school left for me and boy am I ready for the last day! As much as I love my group of students this year, I really need a vacation!!!!!!

For the past couple of days and the last 8 days of school I've been using this great resource I found on Its called Camp Learn A Lot.

It has activities for five days for all subject areas (reading, writing, math, social studies, and science). It could be applied to any 2nd - 5th grade classroom. My class divided up into different "cabins" and created posters with their cabin names. My students have had a blast practicing the Reader's Theater and making props for the script. They will be performing the play later on in the week! There are also lots of different experiments for the week. Today we tried the Airplane Experiment. For this experiment students took straws and added paper loops to the straw to make a glider. This ties in really well with our study of the Wright Bros. that we did a few weeks ago. Students have also made book recommendations and commercials so that the rising 3rd graders will have a good idea of some books to read. Plus that's something I can hang up at the beginning of the year which is always great!

Next week we are going to bring our sleeping bags and pillows in and watch a movie just as if we were at a real camp. What a fun and EASY way to end the year! :))))

What are some different ways you have ended the year?

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