Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's Official!

Aahhhhhh! I finally booked a workshop in Atlanta, GA to see the "2 Sisters". I'm planning on going to the Cafe workshop in August. I am beyond excited! After reading about the "2 Sisters" for awhile now I finally get to meet them in person!  It will be a couple of weeks before school starts back so I'll be in school mode and ready to learn more about this amazing way of teaching.

Today I also found many cute things on Pinterest that will be very helpful when I start the Daily 5/Cafe in my classroom next year. Here are a few that I really love!

This looks like an efficient way to keep up with who is going to what station! I think I just might have to try this next year! I'm not sure who to give credit to because when I clicked on the link to the page it came up to the page not found message! Thanks to whoever's cute idea this was! :)
Daily Five! alexjaffee

This looks like a must have item to teach some of the Cafe strategies! You can find this on Teacher's Notebook for a few dollars! Thanks Cupcakesncuties!

This looks like a great idea! This comes from Go Fourth with Mrs. Owens Class! This comes from "The Book Whisperer". I plan on reading that this summer!

Well that's all for now! I'm off to be productive today! Check back for more adventures in 4th Grade soon!


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