Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Book Whisperer

My book FINALLY came in the mail about two weeks ago and I'm soooooooo excited about reading this book. I have read the first 30 pages or so. I've been so busy with school and after school activities that I haven't had much time to really sink my teeth into this book. But everything I've read so far makes me very excited to keep reading. I have loved reading about Miller's first few years of teaching and how she wanted her students to be passionate about reading. I love that she started searching for the best ways to teach reading. I love reading about her first book frenzy. I love how knowledgeable about books she is. I feel like I relate so well to her! I just want my students to love to read and learn! :)

My reading research journey all started about half way through the year. I began using Pinterest and I kept seeing all these pins about the Daily Five and The Book Whisperer. I instantly was intrigued and started looking at all the blogs I could find to learn more about these books. I finally broke down and bought them. It also got me thinking that maybe I'm not teaching reading the best way. We use the Reading Street Series at my school and while I think it touches on lots of skills, I feel like I am not meeting the needs of my students. I also found that hardly any of my students wanted to read. So I started to provide independent reading time to my schedule. We always have this time in the day no matter what. Now that it is the end of the year I can already see a difference in my students. They beg me to read everyday. They want more than the twenty minutes given. My students are finishing books left and right.

I plan on finishing this book soon and will provide updates for those who haven't read the book. I can tell that the way I teach reading next year will be totally different than the last two years. I'm so excited to make these changes!

If anyone has any similar experiences I'd love to hear about them! :)

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