Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently

Here's my September Currently from Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade. Click on the picture below to go to her blog! 

I have been obsessed with watching Grey's Anatomy over the last week! I've started from Season one. How many of you like Grey's?

I have throughly enjoyed my long weekend especially since we went back to school on a Monday last week. Man it was a long week!

This new class seems like a pretty neat group! I went from having 19 students in my class last year to 25 students this year. So that is change that I'm adjusting to. I kept looking at my line last week thinking.......Man this line is so LONG! Also, I have lots of diversity in this group so I hope to learn a great deal from them this year. 

Fall is my favorite season by far! I love the changing of the leaves, pumpkins, corn mazes, pumpkin scented items, the cool autumn air, and Halloween!

I need to get to work on my lesson plans but I think I'm still in summer mode because I'm waiting until the last minute to get them done! Imagine that! Plus I need to do some work around the house today. Who knows if that will get done.

Now for my monthly goals.........I need to start exercising more so I can get my endorphins flowing. I also need to be consistent with my blogging. Lastly, my husband has a second job and I am in graduate school so we really need to spent all extra time with each other!



  1. I think everyone has had a common goal with exercising more! You're the 3rd blog I've come across that's said that, including me!
    I also need to be more consistent with blogging & I LOVE Grey's!
    Great Currently!

  2. Grey's Anatomy is a great show and I have snuck in a few old-school episodes this summer. I also love the changing colors of fall, but I'm not sure I'm quite ready to let go of summer yet. I hope you have a great year!
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  3. Netflix is definitely worth celebrating! I could spend hours just watching my favorite shows... not the most productive use of my holiday but it's definitely very relaxing :)

    I also can't wait for fall and the leaves to change colors! It's by far my favorite time of the year.

    Have a great September,
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  4. Hi Susan! I just found your blog from Currently! You have a BIG class! I love fall, too- the colors, smells, everything!
    Guess what- I need to do plans and clean, too. hmmm. Why am I on the computer?! ;)
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