Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Peek at the Week Linky Party

# 1: I'm finally going to try the first signpost from the book "Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading". The first signpost is called "Contrasts and Contradictions". Students will read and as they read if they notice the character is doing something that is different from how they normally act or different from how they expect them to act, then they will stop and ask themselves the signpost question(every signpost has a question to help the students think) which is "Why is the character doing that?".

I am going to use the sample lesson from the book which uses the book "Thank You Ma'am". As a follow up we will read an excerpt from "The Watson's are Going to Birmingham." I'll blog on how it goes. I think it will be something totally different than what my students are used to but I think it's going to get them critically thinking! Wish me good luck.

I made these anchor charts to go along with the signposts! They are super cute! I can't wait to use them. Click the photo to take you to the product!

# 2: I received a grant last year for Social Studies Weekly. I got them in over the summer and have been dying to use them. Since the 4th grade social studies standards focus on North Carolina we really only have the text book to teach with but I'm not a fan of the text book. So we started the first newspaper last Thursday and the kids really seemed to like them. I think this will make learning about North Carolina more exciting. They have one main story in the middle and lots of little side articles. We are gonna try to get through the rest of week 1 and week 2 this week!

# 3: I plan on continuing my first "Word Nerd" vocabulary cycle this week. We are going to practice our words using a vocabulary rap, a counting dude/bragging dude activity, and we are going to look deep into our crystal ball to predict the meaning of our crystal ball words. Also we will be using our vocabulary lanyards all day, every day to practice our words!!! :) I love being a Word Nerd!! I will add pictures to show you all these activities! 

Hope everyone else has a fantastic week! 

I love comments and new bloggy friends! :)


  1. We're getting science weekly this year! So far, I love it for the nonfiction aspect and the science teacher loves it for the content! How is the Social Studies one???

    I also like your Stop Notice and Note post... We're in the middle of our character unit right now and I'm really trying to get my students to pick up on the details of the text. Such a great idea, I'll have to check out your TPT store :)

    Thanks for sharing your week! I'm your newest follower :)
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    1. I wanted to get science weekly as well but we didn't have the money :(. I really like the social studies one so far. This first week was about where NC was? The main article talked about relative and absolute location. Then they have smaller articles were about different historical events about NC. They also share information about an animal that is in NC. The alligator was this weeks animal. Then on the back there is a crossword puzzle and this globe activity. I think it is much more user friendly and engaging than a text book!

      I started following you on bloglovin!!

  2. I just requested a sample of the PA Social Studies Weekly. Thanks for sharing! I hate using the text book so this might be a great fun way to switch things up a bit.

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  3. I read Word Nerds this summer and am looking forward to starting it second semester. Right now, we are focusing on learning prefixes and suffixes with my Word Parts We Know program.

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great week!
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