Monday, March 31, 2014

Must Read Monday Linky Party

I have made it my personal goal to read more children's books this year so that I can become more like the great "Book Whisperer", Donalyn Miller. I have made a Good Reads account (if you haven't you so should) and it lets you keep track of books you have read, want to read, and are currently reading. It also has a place to set a reading challenge for the year. My goal is 80 books. I've read 19 so far this year.

(The Social Network book is an interactive choose your own path book. I thought it would be perfect for kids to learn about Social Media since it surrounds their everyday life.)

The most recent book I read is the new "Who is J.K. Rowling?" book. As soon as I saw it at Barnes and Noble I decided I had to have it. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I have read all 7 of the books multiple times! 

I think this is a must read because it lets kids know how the infamous Harry Potter series came to be. Also for those of your students who are hesitant to start the series might want to read it after learning about how J.K. Rowling came up with her billion dollar idea. 

In general I love the "Who Was….?" Series because the books are written in kid-friendly language, the covers are attractive to the eye, and they get kids interested in the biography genre very quickly. My students are trying to reach their goal of reading 10 nonfiction books by the end of the year and they have just now begun to work towards it. (They spent the first part of the year working towards their 10 fiction books challenge.) I have showed them this series and now many of them are addicted! When I showed them my new book my students were begging to read it!

What is your favorite "Who was…..?" book?

Do you set yourself a personal reading goal?

Drop me a line below! :)


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  1. I LOVE reading!! I always give myself a challenge at the beginning of the calendar year, kind of a New Year's resolution goal. I set it at 24 since I had my kids, and this year I am really struggling to meet that goal! Even my husband and mom are reading more than me, and that is rare!! I am hoping to really pick it back up this summer! I wish I had more time to read, and know I will once my kids get older! My students love the "Who was" series as well. We just read biographies in February for our book reports, and most of my students read one of those books. I love your non-fiction challenge! I may have to add that to my April challenge!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade