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A Peek at the Week 3/31/2014

I am linking up this week with Jennifer over at Mrs. Laffin's Laughings!

It has been quite a long time since I've posted in the blog world. Graduate School, my class, and reading tons of children's books have tied up all my time!

To kick off National Poetry Month we will be diving into poetry this week using some ideas from Hello Literacy's blog.

Idea # 1: Poem of the Week Focus Lesson

I have had a Poem of the Week since the beginning of the year and I've been using poems and the Take 5 teaching points from the book below.
But after reading what Jen Jones has been doing with her poems I thought I would give it a shot! Click out her blog post and she gives you a sample of her lesson and a planning template. 

Idea # 2: Close Reading of Poems
I took Jen's idea and tweaked it to fit my class. I decided that I would have poetry rotations so that I could meet with my students in small groups. I plan on have four rotations over a two day period. Each poem that we read focuses on a specific type of figurative language.
Teacher Time:
We will be reading the poem three times to practice our fluency. We will answer the following questions after the first read: What is the subject?, Who is speaking?, Who are they speaking to?, and What is the mood of the poem?. After the second, read we will be looking at the specific figurative language we are studying. To end the day, we will why we think the author wrote the poem. 
Get a copy of the materials I am using during this lesson here

Poetry Stop and Jot:
Students will use the Stop and Jot sheet in the link above while looking through poetry anthologies independently. Students are looking for verses they find interesting and record their thoughts about the verse. 

Fluency Fact Task Cards:
Another great idea from Jen Jones. Students will read the task card three times with a buddy to work on their fluency.

In my last rotation, students will be answering questions from the book below. This will sharpen their opinion writing skills. 

I feel very excited to try out these rotations! Tell me below how you celebrate National Poetry Month.

One last note:
Last night a created a Donors Choose Project to get more high interest nonfiction texts for my classroom library. If you have read "The Book Whisperer" you know that she says the better classroom  library you have the more you can get your students interested in books. 
"Engaging students with reading and encouraging the development of lifelong reading habits begins with providing students with a wide range of interesting reading material and lots of opportunities to examine, read, write and talk about books with their teacher and classmates. Students should have access to lots of books in the classroom and the opportunity to self-select some of their own reading materials (Guthrie, J. T., & Humenick, N. M., 2004).
If you would like to donate or know someone who likes to support teachers check out my project below. If you donate by April 6th and enter INSPIRE at checkout they will match the donation by a $1. 

Examples of the Books I'm Requesting are:

"Who Was…..?" Series

"What was….?" Series

Graphic History Series and Graphic Science Series

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. I have been avoiding Poetry Month planning because to be honest, I just don't get excited about poetry. However....after reading your post, I now have some great ideas that I can work on over spring break! I have never seen the Poetry Friday book or the Book of Questions. I love both of those ideas & am heading over to Amazon to add them to my cart. Thank you so much for linking up this week and for inspiring me to get going on poetry. :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings